• Seema Kapani Director, Learning Communities for Institutional Change & Excellence and Diversity Education
  • Coordinator Jocelyn Milner, Associate Provost and Director of Academic Planning & Institutional Research
  • Michael Bernard-Donals, Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff 
  • Susan Tran Degrand, Director of Outreach & Recruitment School of Pharmacy 
  • Joshua Moon Johnson, Director of Multicultural Student Center 
  • Don Schutt, Director of Human Resource Development 
  • Mo Bischof,  Assistant Vice Provost and University Assessment Co-Chair, Office of the Provost 
  • Professor Mitch, Assisant Clinical Professor Law School and Director, Neighborhood Law Clinic 
  • Jenn Sheridan, Executive & Research Director of WISELI 
  • Chris Dakes, Director of Educational Innovations & Learning Design 
  • Steve Hahn, Interim Vice Provost for Enrollment Management 
  • Terry Ruzicka,  Deputy Vice Provost/Chief of Staff, Office of the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
  • Lillian Tong, Faculty Associate of WISCIENCE and Director of University Educators Programs and Services 
  • Lucas G. Zeimet, Custodian, University Housing
  • Lu Shao, Freshman 
  • Lydia Odegard, Junior


  • Norma Saldivar, Executive Director of the Arts Institute 
  • Carrie Kruse, Director of College Library, General Library System
  • Binnu Palta Hill, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Business School 
  • Cathy Trueba, Director of McBurney Center 
  • Tom Browne, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs & Services, CALS 
  • Dang Chonwerawong, Assistant Dean; CAP Director; Ed-GRS Coordinator; SERP Director 
  • Dolly Wang, ASM Diversity Committee Chair 
  • Bob Lavigna, Director of HR 
  • Donna Cox, Accountant, Journey, General Services 
  • Martina Diaz, Senior Financial Aid Advisor 
  • Markus Brauer, Professor of Psychology, College of Letters and Science 
  • Eve Fine, Researcher & Workshop Developer of WISELI 
  • Alana Khea Yashadhana, Junior 
  • Jessica Wu, Freshman


  • Margaret Tennessen, Deputy Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning & Management 
  • Heather Daniels, Secretary of Academic Staff Susan Baculik, HR Specialist Advanced 
  • Adin Palau, HR Specialist Senior 
  • Billy James Gates Jr., ELEC TECH RESEARCH S (with College of Letters & Science) 
  • Bruce Maas, Vice Provost for Information Technology 
  • Gina Green-Harris, WAI Director, Milwaukee Outreach Programs & Services 
  • Joan Fujimura, Professor College of Letters & Science (Sociology) 
  • Eva Vivian, Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy 
  • Robert B. Beattie, Faculty Associate, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies 
  • Charnell Chasten, Graduate Student 
  • Bernice Hodge, Freshman


  • Steve Cramer, Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Yusuf Al-Shafa Bin-Rella, Assistant Chef at University Housing 
  • Steve Kosciuk, Data Consultant Statistician, L&S and DDEEA 
  • Emily Auerbach, Director of Odyssey Project and Professor of English 
  • Molly Carnes, Co-Director of WISELI, Director of the UW Center for Women's Health Research; Professor in the Departments of Medicine, Psychiatry and Industrial & Systems Engineering 
  • Don Schutt, Director of Human Resource Development 
  • Joan Sweeney, Student Job Center Supervisor 
  • David Sandra, Application Processing Supervisor, Office of Student Financial Aid; Program Associate in the Division of Enrollment Management 
  • Robert Brown, Assistant Director of MSC 
  • LaRuth McAffe, Graduate School Assistant Dean for Diversity, Inclusion & Funding 
  • TBA OHR Rep 
  • Debra A Morris, University Services Program Associate, Graduate School 
  • Min Gyun Hwang, Freshman 
  • Huong Tran, Graduate Student


  • Tori Richardson, Assistant Dean in L&S Academic Deans’ Services 
  • Jeff Hamm, Associate Dean of Education 
  • Michelle Young, Academic Planning & Institutional Research 
  • Argyle Wade, Associate Dean of Students 
  • Roberta Hill Professor, English and American Indian Studies 
  • William M Ohmdahl, ACAD DEPT SUPV (College of Agricultural & Life Sciences) 
  • DeVon Wilson, Assistant Dean & Director, CAE 
  • Ethelene Whitmire, Ethnic Studies Committee Co-Chair 
  • Elaine Klein, Assistant Dean College of Letters & Sciences 
  • Emily Dickmann, Assistant Director Cross-College Advising Service 
  • Kris Stewart, Associate Researcher, School of Education 
  • Ana Arellano Jimenez, Freshman 
  • Natalie Cook, Senior


  • Steve Cramer, Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning, College of Engineering 
  • Janet Branchaw, Interim Director of WISCIENCE 
  • Emilie Hofacker, Director of DDEEA/VPCDO STEM Initiatives 
  • Eric Wilcots, Associate Dean for the Natural and Mathematical Sciences 
  • Erica Laughlin, Director of IT Academy 
  • Michelle L Szabo, Academic Department Manager, College of Letters & Science
  • Amy Wendt, Co-Director of WISELI 
  • Samer Alatout, Associate Professor, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences 
  • Shiela Reaves, Professor, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences 
  • Manuela Romero, Interim Associate Dean Undergraduate Affairs 
  • Kevin Niemi, Outreach Program Manager III 
  • Nancy Blake, Director Precollege Initiatives 
  • Sedate Kohler, Senior 
  • Kirandeep Deol, Graduate Student


Patrick Sims

Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate

Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement

Ruby Paredes

Assistant Vice Chancellor and Interim Associate Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate

Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement


Ad Hoc Diversity Planning Committee Members and Co-chairs:

Ruth Litovsky, Professor, Communicative Disorders, College of Letters and Science

Ryan Adserias, PhD Student in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis