A Planning Process for the Next Diversity Plan 

In 2009, UW–Madison submitted its close-out report on institutional initiatives under Plan 2008, incorporating findings from the Plan 2008 Mid-point Study conducted in 2003. The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents approved and mandated “Inclusive Excellence” (IE) with its broadened definition of diversity as the framework for diversity initiatives across all UW institutions. Clearly re-stating that race and ethnic issues of access, retention and curricular change continue as critical goals, the IE framework encompasses all areas of diversity and difference, including gender, physical ability, sexual preference, language, religion, and national origin and others.

Our Strategic Priorities, 2009–14 

  • Provide an exemplary undergraduate education; 
  • Reinvigorate the Wisconsin Idea and renew our commitment to our public mission; 
  • Invest in scholarly domains in which we have existing or potential strength and impact; 
  • Recruit and retain the best faculty and staff, and reward merit; 
  • Enhance diversity in order to ensure excellence in education and research; 
  • Be responsible stewards of our resources. 

A New Diversity Planning Process 

The 2012 Diversity Forum became the platform to launch the diversity planning process. An institutional scan through a campus-wide impact study of diversity programs and initiatives is being compiled as a base document for the past five years to recap two published progress reports, “A Second-Year Progress Report on the Campus Strategic Framework 2010-2011” and “Strategic Diversity Update” (Spring 2011). 

On Nov. 14, 2012, the University Committee (UC) issued the following charge to the Campus Diversity and Climate Committee: 

As provided in Faculty Policies and Procedures, the Campus Diversity and Climate Committee has the responsibility to advise administration, the faculty, the academic and classified staff and the students on campus diversity and climate policy and to participate in long-range planning for the campus. In that context, the University Committee charges the CDCC to appoint a representative ad hoc committee of faculty, staff and students to develop a comprehensive proposal for a new diversity plan for UW-Madison. We ask that because this will be a shared governance committee that you work with ASM, ASEC and the UC to identify individuals to appoint to it. The University Committee stands ready to provide advice and support for the CDCC as is develops a charge for the ad hoc committee and once appointed requests that it provide periodic updates on it progress to the CDCC, which in turn is asked to communicate and with the relevant governance bodies and administration.

The UC asks that the draft diversity plan be completed by no later than April 2013 so that it can be presented for endorsement by the faculty senate, the academic staff assembly and the ASM student council prior to the end of the academic year. 

Read the statement from Damon Williams on Diversity Plan 2013.


Patrick Sims

Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate

Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement

Ruby Paredes

Assistant Vice Chancellor and Interim Associate Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate

Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement


Ad Hoc Diversity Planning Committee Members and Co-chairs:

Ruth Litovsky, Professor, Communicative Disorders, College of Letters and Science

Ryan Adserias, PhD Student in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis