Diversity Inventory Program (DIP) launch party on Feb. 17

One of the most important steps in the Forward Together Diversity Framework and REEL Change Implementation Plan, the Diversity Inventory Program will launch on Feb. 17 with an introductory celebration in the Gordon Commons Event Center at 12:30 p.m. Come hear Vice Provost & Chief Diversity Officer Patrick J. Sims speak, learn about the Diversity Inventory Program, and hear about the progress we’ve been making across the board with our Framework implementation.

This event is open to everyone, please register at http://go.wisc.edu/2k8xbg




Moving Forward: Conversations on Racial and Ethnic Diversity


Diversity Framework Initiative 8: The Diversity Inventory Program (DIP) - Fall 2016

Goal: Equip campus with a searchable online database of UW-Madison diversity resources

Reason: To help improve the coordination, planning, and visibility of campus diversity programs, events, support services and research

Impact: Improved communication and access to information about diversity initiatives, as well as increased transparency and accountability

Where: www.diversity.wisc.edu/dip 


September 2016

  • The DIP team completed seven listening and feedback sessions in which approximately five- hundred UW-Madison faculty, staff and students participated.
    • The final session held on September 7 was specifically for second and third shift employees, with some 140 participating.
    • It is important to note that the overall feedback from the Listening and Feedback sessions was very positive and campus participants expressed excitement for the utility of DIP and its pending completion.

October 2016

  • Campus-wide Listening and Feedback Sessions were held in the Spring and Fall of 2016 to learn about what the campus community desired from the database related to potential usage, functionality, and user experience. Participants in the Listening and Feedback sessions expressed strong interest in receiving a synopsis of the feedback given in the sessions. To ensure that this request of the campus community is met, the OVPCDO has synthesized the feedback  for posting on the diversity framework website in the Listening and Feedback Summary.
  • The OVPCDO is currently carrying out focus group testing, to gauge user experience. Feedback from the two session held thus far has been invaluable in streamlining the input process and improving the system’s functionality.

November 2016

  • Dr. Torsheika Maddox will make a presentation of DIP at the Diversity Forum, which begins at 8:00 am on November 1, and ends with late night programming for 2nd and 3rd shift staff at 1:00 am on November 2.
  • The DIP team is working through the organizational process of creating a training video on how to use DIP, which will be uploaded to the Creating Community webpage.

Framework Informational Sessions

There are no meetings scheduled at this time.


Patrick Sims

Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate

Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement

Ruby Paredes

Assistant Vice Chancellor and Interim Associate Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate

Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement