1. A Completed Report

    The work of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Ad Hoc Diversity Planning Committee has been completed as of May 16, 2014. The committee’s report has been passed through four major shared governance groups. The report, a successor to initiatives including Plan 2008, is intended to help members of the campus community contribute to making UW-Madison more equitable, inclusive, and diverse, both on campus and in the Greater Madison Community.

    Read the final report here. (PDF)

    The AHDPC focused its work on five targeted domains: Access to UW–Madison and to resources after students and employees join the campus; Inclusive Climate and Culture; Creativity and Innovation; The Wisconsin Idea; and Accountability.

    Although the report is considered complete, the implementation process is in an early phase. Designed as an iterative framework, the report is meant to guide more flexible discussions and act as a support structure, not a rigid set of rules. The report came about following many campus and community engagement sessions soliciting comments and feedback on the state of diversity at UW–Madison. A draft report took shape during the early part of the spring semester, and made its way through shared governance groups. A second draft was distributed more broadly and used as the basis for engagement sessions on campus and in the community in early April. Votes in shared governance assemblies took place between late April and mid-May. Following several days of negotiation, ASM voted to accept the document with changes on April 26. On May 5, the Faculty Senate voted to accept the document with two amendments. On May 12, Academic Staff Assembly approved the document with one of the Faculty Senate amendments, but rejected the second amendment. On May 8, CSEC voted to acknowledge receipt of the document, although it did not expressly vote to approve it. Because of the way the report is structured, CSEC and other groups will still be able to discuss its content and offer suggestions as to how the implementation process should take place. Further feedback regarding changes will be considered through the implementation groups, rather than the Ad Hoc Diversity Planning Committee. Implementation of the report’s recommendations will start in the Summer of 2014, with collaborative work between the Office of the Chief Diversity Officer, the Office of the Chancellor and the Campus Diversity and Climate Committee, among other groups.

    Early on in the process, the Ad Hoc Diversity Planning Committee set out to develop a document that will not only guide our campus’ work on diversity and inclusion, but one that is responsive to the university’s changing needs. As the work of implementing the 30 plus recommendations put forth within the Framework, we hope the university’s many constituencies, governance groups, and the wider community will help to strengthen the foundation laid by this committee, and the important work already underway.


Upcoming Meetings

There are no scheduled meetings at this time.


Ad Hoc Diversity Planning Committee Members and Co-chairs:

Ruth Litovsky, Professor, Communicative Disorders, College of Letters and Science

Ryan Adserias, PhD Student in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis